Leveling Up On Farm Town

by Farmer Fred on October 20, 2009

Guest post by a newbie farmer

Personally, I never really got into Facebook apps. A friend of mine was talking about playing Farmtown, and I tried it out and it was very addicting. At first I was just kind of learning how to play the game, looking at the different items there were, not really expecting to play Farmtown all that much. Then I looked at one of my friend’s farms: she was about level 30, with the farm size maxed out, a big house and all these furnishings and touches in one quadrant, the rest a big expansion of farmland.

Suddenly I started getting all these ideas of what I was going to put on my farm, most of which requiring a much higher level and a ton of money. However, I wanted to see what my farm would be like at the biggest size, so I could plan everything accordingly. So I decided the best thing to do would be to make as much money as possible while leveling up until I could get the size plot upgrades.

The best strategy that I have found to maximize profit is to plow as much land as I can and seed it all. For example, when I started, I would figure out how many squares I could plow and still seed them all with the money I had. As you sell the crops and make a profit, you can plow/seed more squares.

Eventually, I filled up the whole farm with crops. The point of this, once again, is to make a lot of money while leveling up. I know my farm doesn’t look pretty now, but I’ll start “decorating” once I have at least the higher size upgrades and once I’ve unlocked more things.

Another thing to do is to plan according to when you’re going to be playing. For example, in the evening I’ll plant some “1 day” crops. The next day after I harvest those, I might have time to do a crop or two of raspberries (2 hours) before bed. If you’re going on vacation or know that you wont’ be on for a couple of days, you might as well just plant a bunch of 2- or 3-day crops to make more money when you sell them.

Right now, I am level 19. I have purchased the first two size upgrades with money to plant crops in them right away. I think I make over 20,000 coins harvesting my cabbage fields. In this way, it hasn’t really been a problem to afford the size upgrades as I unlock them, and getting 2 exp. for each field plowed, and 1-2 for each crop planted, over that much area I level up pretty quickly.

Another tip for gaining more experience, if you have a lot of extra money, is buying flowers (you get exp. for planting them) and cramming them all together, but I personally don’t like clicking them one by one to delete them.

Hope this is at least somewhat helpful to some people. Good luck!

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Does your farm have curb appeal?

by Farmer Fred on October 19, 2009

I have spent a good deal of time (too much time) building my farm just how I want it. I have considered everything that I have added and have worked to make it look good as though I would actually have to live there. In the process I did a bit of visiting other farms to get good ideas for my own. I have to say while there are some incredibly creative farms there are also a lot of ugly farms out there.

So I have come up with a list of Do’s and Don’ts for all you FarmTowners to follow.


1. Have a good mix of plowed space for crops and unplowed space for other things like animals and decorations.
2. Consider the layout of your farm and how the space will flow.
3. Use trees, flowers and decorations as accents to established buildings and crop areas.
4. Use fences and pathways to separate and direct the flow of traffic through the different areas of your farm.
5. Consider color and size when planting crops, trees and flowers to allow for the maximum appeal when in full bloom or ready to harvest.


1. Do not be monochromatic in planting your trees and crops. A wall of nothing but pumpkins is not appealing.
2. Do not space trees so close together that you cannot see each individual one. It makes harvesting difficult and loses the beauty of the tree.
3. Do not put so many animals in one tiny little space. Think about it as though it were real and give them room to move.
4. Massive amounts of cats roaming around is never good.
5. It may sound fun but using crops, flowers or hay bales to write messages is just cheesy.
6. Do not buy multiples of unnecessary and nondecorative things. 20 silos all lined up is just weird.

Lets all work together to make Farm Town a beautiful place to visit.

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Farm Town Blog Carnival – Fail

August 25, 2009

My second attempt at organizing a Farm Town blog carnival has officially failed, again! I received only one submission to this website www.fourleafclovergoodluckcharms.com which obviously has nothing to do with the Farm Town game on Facebook. So I say let’s forget the blog carnival! Here are a few of my favorite blog posts from my […]

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Farm Town Blog Carnival

August 13, 2009

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Build A Waterfall

August 13, 2009

Been perusing Farm Town lately and I have seen some great designs. Check out The Official Forum for a nice list of unique farm designs. Some of the neatest designs I’ve seen create optical illusions making your farm look like it has multiple levels to it. The best I’ve seen is the waterfall illusion. Using […]

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Better Way To Harvest & Plant Crops

August 7, 2009

I just discovered a Farm Town feature that has completely changed my playing experience. I was getting frustrated with trying to plow and plant my farm on the little screen that Farm Town gives you to view things. Scrolling back and forth while trying to plant my seeds was just getting annoying. Then I remembered […]

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Farm Town Not Working, Crops Rotting!

July 29, 2009

Update 7/29/09 100pm: Farm Town makers just posted this update: “We are still working on this issue. FarmTown runs on servers provided by SoftLayer. Starting last night, some of their infrastructure servers (DNS) came under attack. This affected access to FarmTown servers. Last night they solved the initial issue, but this morning it started happening […]

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Fast Planting & Plowing Glitch

July 29, 2009

I just noticed another glitch. Thanks to the latest update when you plant, your character builds up a queue of fields to plant if you click faster than he can plant. If you have a large groups of fields you will most certainly be able to queue up your whole farm before your character finishes […]

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Farm Town Not Working For Some

July 28, 2009

Farm Town has experienced some down time over last night. Slashkey says the problem has been solved now. For more info go to the official forum thread for the latest updates.

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Farm Town Carnival of Advice

July 28, 2009

I’m starting up a Farm Town Blog Carnival over at Blog Carnival. Any one interested in hosting or submitting blog posts to it should check it out. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s best Farm Town ideas. First deadline for submission is August 2, 11pm.

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